Dry Kirkness Chartered Accountants

Seated massage with Resilience Corporate Massage has been one of the best incentives we have introduced into our workplace. During our busy periods our staff need to be able to perform under pressure. This is one way we can help them to manage stress and stay focused on the task.
Martin Kirkness, Senior Partner

eiw Architects

The eiw design studio looks forward to the professional attention our massage therapist provides.  It’s such a rewarding and relaxing experience and one which we all appreciate on a bi-monthly basis.  Its a worthwhile investment in the well being of the studio.
Philip Idle, Director eiw Architects

Kinky Monkey Cafe

Workplace massage has been a great success for us in maintaining the great vibe we have with our team. Hospitality is hard work and its even harder to recruit and hang on to good staff. We think we have found a winner in Resilience Corporate Massage service.
Aaron Chegwyn, Cafe Manager, Kinky Monkey Burswood

Embleton Care

Finding the time to book in for a massage is impossible for me. Last time I did, I had to take a day off! Now that we have fortnightly neck and shoulder massage at work I don’t get headaches anymore and it really helps with the long hours in front of the computer.
Karen Fenner, Occupational Therapist

Exihibit Graphic Design

As a graphic designer, I spend far too many hours a day hunched over a keyboard and computer monitor. It’s only later that you realise how much tension has built up in the neck and shoulder area. After having a neck and shoulder massage by Hannah of Resilience Corporate Massage, I felt much more relaxed and less irritable in tackling the afternoon’s work schedule. Hannah is really passionate about natural health and offers heaps of good tips about relieving the stress that typically generates just from a normal working day. I’m hunting down that magnesium supplement Hannah – promise!
Corrina Voutsinas, Art Director, Exhibit Graphic Design

HeartKids WA

HeartKids WA would sincerely love to thank you for coming along
to our Family camp and giving our HeartKids families/parents
some much needed timeout and support.
I know those who attended got a lot out of it.
We can’t thank you enough, as we know how busy it can be and to give up your
time is greatly appreciated.
Hope to see you next year.
Janelle Sugden, HeartKids WA Inc.

MDA National – City To Surf

“Thanks to MDA for putting on a great day and what a great way to finish the day with a massage… the girls were sensational!!”
“The massages were the highlight of my day”

Feedback from MDA National Clients particpiating in The City To Surf
via Pip Brown-Relationship Manager (WA)