“The health and wellbeing of employees is very important to the success of business. Healthier people with higher levels of wellbeing are more productive and more engaged, which means better business results.”
Sharon Beaumont
Group Executive – Human Resources, Australian Unity

Resilience Corporate Massage focuses on your needs in terms of getting the best out of your employees. We work with you and your people to create a culture of resilience in your workplace. The health and well-being of your staff and their ability to deal with stress effectively is directly related to your success.

About Corporate Massage Services

We have a range of workplace massage plans to suit the requirements of your business and budget. You may require 5-10 min massages at the workstation for your call centre staff. Or 15-20 min massages on our extremely comfy ergonomic massage chair for your valuable team members.

For your senior and executive staff, reward them with a regular stress relieving massage as part of their bonus package or salary sacrifice scheme.

Resilience Corporate Massage offers you a service second to none provided by qualified massage professionals. Our service gives you one easy solution for your:

How Is Workplace Massage Different?

Our massage service is mobile so we come to your office or workplace. The massage is performed with the staff member seated either at the desk or workstation, or in a quiet space in the office on an ergonomically designed portable massage chair. Relax into the comfy massage chair and enjoy the tranquil sounds of soothing music. Breathe in the calming aroma of essential oils. Enjoy this short time away from your work to reconnect with yourself, refocus and recharge.

Our Clients

We have experience working with a whole range of people from different professional backgrounds and understand the issues that are particular to each one. We can tailor the style and type of massage based on your workforce needs, so whether you want to energise your team or provide them with a relaxing massage after work, we can create a program to suit your business needs.

Our clients come from a range of professional backgrounds including: