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Fully qualified Remedial Therapists apply their skill to ease muscular stiffness and soreness and restore the body to its natural state of balance.
Relax, unwind and let go in our peaceful and calm surrounds. We provide a space of stillness and calm to soothe the nerves and ease muscle tension.

Professional Massage Therapy for:

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Massage Fee Schedule

1hr Treatment $89.95

1.5hr Treatment $129.95

2hr Treatment $169.95

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Monday – Thursday     9am to 6.30pm
Friday                                9am to 5pm
Saturday                           9am to 4pm

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Deep Tissue Massage

Firm pressure and a slow, deliberate technique is used to release tension and soreness from deep within the muscle tissue. This style of massage is perfect for those wanting to relax but also needing relief from muscle aches and tightness.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage is for those in regular training to help recover quicker from muscle fatigue and lactic acid build up. Regular sports massage maintains flexibilty and minimises the potential of injuries. Any injuries sustained as a result of excercise or working out, have a much quicker rate of recovery when treated with massage.


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If you need to destress, unwind and just relax for 60 minutes, then this is the massage for you. Fragrant, 100% natural oils are used to aid in the relaxation process, along with soothing, ambient music with a nurturing, comforting touch.


Reflexology is the ultimate in total body relaxation. Stimulating points only on the foot, the whole body can be treated. Reflex points found on the foot relate to different organs and parts of the human body and sooth the entire nervous system via thousands of tiny nerve endings on the soles of the feet.

Dry Needling

Dry Needling is now being used by doctors, physios, chiropractors and many other health professionals to treat painful trigger points in the muscle. If you are experiencing reduced movement or range of motion due to a sharp painful sensation in any muscle then this could be caused by trigger points.Trigger points often have a pattern of referred pain to other areas of the body. Inserting acupuncture needles into the area of the muscle affected increases circulation of blood and nutrients to the affected area. Stimulation of the nerve endings causes a release in the muscle fibers and brings relief from trigger point pain fast.

Mobile Massage Service Available for Office or Hotel

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Ph 08 9370 1324
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48 Coode St, Bayswater WA 6053