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Mindfulness At Work – The Scientific Evidence

Many people use coffee on a regular basis to help boost cognitive function and keep concentration levels high throughout the working day. Recent studies show that practicing mindfulness can help achieve the same results.
Neuro-imaging technology demonstrates that mindfulness techniques can promote significant changes in brain areas associated with concentration. The good news is that, contrary to what we originally thought, these benefits can be achieved from practicing mindfulness techniques for a relatively short period of time

The key to clearer thinking and improved mental performance is in maintaining a mindfulness practice on a daily basis. In our Beginners Program participants learn to develop the basic skills required for a mindfulness practice. In the Mindfulness for Everyday Life Program they learn how to incorporate mindfulness into their daily routine so that it becomes second nature. This guarantees genuine, lasting results.

Mindfulness for Beginners – 6 Week Course

In this 6 week course your staff will learn the fundamentals of mindfulness practice. Using techniques that focus on the breath, relaxing the body and quietening the mind, employees will develop the skills to better manage stress and be more focused at work.

Mindfulness for Everyday Life – 12 Week Course

This 12 week course expands on the basic techniques of mindfulness practice to include developing a more positive way of being with the self and with others. Staff will learn how to make mindfulness a part of their daily life enhancing the way individual members work as a team. The ability to deal with challenges within the workplace and place value on positive outcomes for the organisation as a whole, rather than the individual, significantly improves productivity and outcomes for all stakeholders.

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