Corporate Massage Options

Corporate Massage

Corporate Massage Plans

Services Casual Corporate Massage Regular Workplace Massage Program Mindful Workplace Program
2hr min No minimum no. of hours Yes Yes
Workplace Chair Massage Yes Yes Yes
Reflexology Yes               
Yes Yes
Mindfullness eProgram No Yes Yes
6 or 12 Week Mindfulness Program No No Yes
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What Benefit Is In A 15 Minute Chair Massage?

Researchers have found that the impact of a 15 minute chair massage is just as effective as a one hour long table massage in countering the effects of stress. The significant finding was that having multiple or frequent massages seemed to be the biggest indicator of benefit. The usual 15-20 min time frames of chair massage means a lower per treatment cost making it an affordable and extremely effective solution for employers and employees.

Source: Moyer, C., Rounds, J., & Hannum, J. (2004). A Meta-Analysis of Massage Therapy Research. Psychological Bulletin, Vol. 130, No. 1, 3-18.

How To Book

To book your workplace massage plan call us on  08 9370 1324 or 0415 208 689 or email

Custom Bookings

We are more than happy to help you build a massage plan tailored to your specific needs. Call us and let us work with you to create a new and vibrant energy in your workplace.

An increased number of hours and  frequency of massage sessions in your plan guarantees you an even lower hourly rate.