Resilience Corporate Massage

Hannah Malcolm – Founder

Hannah’s own life is an example of strength, endurance and resilience of the human spirit. Her personal journey has has brought her full circle in her own quest for peace, happiness and wellbeing. With a depth of life experience most would only read about in a book, Hannah is more than qualified to teach how practising mindfullness on a daily basis can bring about profound changes for individuals and within an organisation.  She is an inspiration to many people and is dedicated to improving the lives of others. By teaching people how to manage the pressures of daily life with a few simple practises, her desire is to liberate them from the “daily grind” of modern life and to bring meaning and purpose back.

The pressures of work and personal life in a rapidly changing world are beginning to take its toll on many people. The crazy pace of today’s  society is leaving us feeling overwhelmed, fatigued and disolusioned. All of these factors accumulate in the work environment where you experience a number of people all bringing their high stress levels together in one place….your business. The effects of this can be devestating on levels of engagement and productivity.

By introducing tools, into your work environment, which enable your team to learn new ways of handling work stress, deal with difficulties with other team members and how to control their own minds and emotions you eliminate alot of situations that contribute to lost productivity.

Productivity for you and your business is paramount. We understand this and want to work with you to get the best out of your people and your business.

Our Approach

At Resilience Corporate Massage we recognise that employee engagement reflects how INDIVIDUALS are emotionally and intellectually committed to your business. Research shows us that engaged employees care more about the company they work for, perform better and stay longer. Our goal is to assist you in building a successful productive team and business.

In the best organizations, employee engagement is more than a human resources initiative. It is a strategic foundation for the way they do business.